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Be Important! Go See A Very Important Film Now On VidaFair!

In an incredibly subversive important filmmaker move, the filmmakers of A Very Important Film (formerly embarrassed filmmakers of Lunch Ladies) have hijacked the Lunch Ladies blog to shamelessly announce their incredibly important short, A Very Important Film, is now on

VidaFair is a new pay-per-stream video platform with no subscription fees. Anyone can now see A Very Important Film for the astonishing low price of 99 cents (or grains)* - what a deal for such an important piece of cinematic work!

If you’ve seen Lunch Ladies, A Very Important Film is a MUST watch:

A VERY IMPORTANT FILM is a very important piece of cinematic work which delves into the heart and mind of a ONCE unimportant filmmaker named Clarissa Jacobson who made a dreadfully unimportant film called Lunch Ladies. Ms. Jacobson, disturbed at her former naivety in filmmaking, embarked on an awe-inspiring, astonishing, remarkable journey into becoming a very important filmmaker/auteur.

Said, some important person, somewhere:

"This astounding mockumentary, er, documentary will not only deeply touch you, but it will make you laugh, cry and single-handedly change the way you think about the importance of being a very important filmmaker. Genius."

High praise indeed.

Go see it on VidaFair HERE!

You can also download their app on Apple and Google play!

About VidaFair:

Unlike other platforms, VidaFair lets content creators set the streaming prices for their videos and uses no advertising or subscriptions. Viewers purchase what are called “Grains” in order to watch videos - each grain costs 1cent and they’re bought in a pack of 100 - $1.99. A Very Important Film goes for 99 grains leaving the consumer the opportunity to see another film on the site! Read more about VidaFair HERE.

Follow VidaFair at:


Facebook: @VidaFair

Twitter: @VidaFair Instagram: @VidaFair

A Very Important Film can also be seen on TromaNow! and the Hellarious Anthology Blu-Ray! See the VIF Trailer below!


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