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"How Did THEY Get on Curia?!" Lunch Ladies Deny Accusations of Tampering




These are just a few choice examples of the outrage being heard around the world after the shocking announcement that Curia has handpicked Lunch Ladies to stream on their top-notch channel.

Indeed, it's no secret the sisters have previously lied, manipulated, and threatened their way to the top so it's understandable that accusations of tampering and foul play have been bandied about. However, undercover reporters have been unsuccessful in unearthing any illegal Lunch Lady shenanigans and rumors are rampant that the Curia selection could be legit.

Seretta, downloading the Curia app to their Roku Player so they can stream themselves in the background 24/7 and brag to one another how great they are, giggled: "Of course it's legit. It wasn't us who sent a bloody, sawed-off finger to Curia headquarters with a note that said, "STREAM US OR ELSE!" I hope they find the sick soul who did that. Don't you, Lou?"

LouAnne, looking up from dusting their coveted Johnny Depp figurine, concurred: "It's a travesty that the culprit has not been found! As for whoever harassed Curia with late night calls while soft-soaping their clueless interns, may they rot in film hell. We are innocent."

Both: "Thanks Curia for selecting us to be on your awesome flippin' channel - you have great taste! (Speaking of taste - hope you enjoyed the pot pies - would you like us to send more?)"

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