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Lunch Ladies Go Gonzo for Gonella Productions

Breaking newz!

Continuing their obnoxious quest for world power the Lunch Ladies have secured a new sales rep out of France – Gonella Productions – and have been celebrating for 24 hours straight by getting drunk on Colt 45, dancing the macarena and yelling at the top of their lungs “We’ve gone gonzo for Gonella!”

Melvinvillle PD received numerous complaints but did nothing about the incident. Locals are saying Chief McSweeney, who is a Johnny Depp fan, was bribed by the despicable duo with a Cartier knockoff watch they stole from the local jeweler that they claim was worn by The Depper. Regretfully we’ve been unable to confirm this rumor.

However, we are pleased to share exclusive quotes we got from the Lunch Ladies after finding them passed out on their lawn and gently waking them up.

Said Seretta, with a slur: “We’ve gone gonzo for Gonella” before yakking all over the creepy plastic lawn deer with the missing eye, then passing out again. LouAnne, fared a bit better and was able to sit up, but was unable to form words properly and stated “gonzo gone we’ve Depper Gonella Godzilla” then passed out again as well.

As a side note, we did try to get a quote from A Very Important Film who was also picked up by Gonella Productions but important filmmaker, Clarissa Jacobson refused to speak with us because we spoke to the Lunch Ladies first and she felt her importance was not taken seriously.

Established in the south of France in 2009, Gonella Productions specializes in the international sales of short films. The company represents a wide variety of films from all over the world and works with a large network of theatrical, television, DVD, VOD and internet buyers. Their goal is to promote and sell film contents to as wide an audience as possible across the world.

Twitter: @gonellaprod


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