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Lunch Ladies Hustle Station 6 Screening – A Very Important Film Disgusted

The Lunch Ladies have hustled a screening on independent channel, Station 6 after bribing the owner with “tasty sausage links.” Clarissa Jacobson, the auteur of A Very Important Film (which was ethically chosen to be on the channel because of its importance) was disgusted.

“The dreadful display of bribery by the notorious Lunch Ladies has me simply verklempt at the state of the world today," said Jacobson. "Further, it is my duty to inform the owner of Station 6 that the 'tasty sausage links' should not be trusted."

Seretta, modeling an outlandish feathered red Bob Mackie gown she plans to wear for the inaugural screening of the film on the streamer, rolled her eyes: “Oh pish! An absolutely outlandish claim from a hack wannabe. And the sausage links weren't a bribe, they were a gift. Right Lou?”

LouAnne slamming the walk-in freezer before anyone can get a glimpse of what’s inside, nodded nonchalantly: “Yep, we love to give. And yep, our tasty sausages are made with 100% grass fed cheerleader. I mean, steer…leader. We killed it in the kitchen with our own two hands. Promise.”

Both: Thanks Channel 6 for screening us – you’ve got GREAT taste!

Ms. Jacobson had no comment.

The Lunch Ladies and A Very Important Film will screen together on Channel 6 (find on Roku & Amazon Fire TV) as two of forty select shorts written and/or directed by women.

Tune in to see both films on the following dates:

Wednesday, July 6 at 6PM & 9PM PST Wednesday, August 3 at 6PM & 9PM PST Wednesday, September 7 at 6PM & 9PM PST Tuesdays and Sundays starting July 12 at 6PM PST through September for the Short Film Blocks.

Lunch Ladies ONLY will also play on Fridays at 9PM for the Horror/Thriller Playlist.

Station 6 presents a rotating selection of music videos, and international collections of features, shorts, documentaries and entertainment industry professional reels along with content creator contact information. It’s a channel geared towards entertainment industry insiders and others fascinated by it.

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