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Lunch Ladies Now on Filmzie, A Very Important Film Says it’s “ Travesty”

Breaking Newz!

Lunch Ladies is now screening on Filmzie with A Very Important Film who has called it a travesty.

It all started when VIF a moving “must see” documentary about a woman named Clarissa Jacobson who made a film named Lunch Ladies and realized it wasn’t important but has now made something important, was tapped to be on the worldwide streamer.

Said Ms. Jacobson, “At first, I was thrilled when Filmzie decided to screen A Very Important Film on their very important channel. My joy however quickly waned when I discovered the Lunch Ladies – who don’t have an original idea between them – copied us and are screening too. It’s a travesty.”

Seretta, googling what “travesty” means, took a breather to tell their side of the story: “When we heard VIF wanted to be on Filmzie we knew we had to be too. So, we did what anyone in our position would’ve done, copy their lead. Right Lou?”

Looking over from dusting their bookcase full of Johnny Depp bobbleheads, LouAnne nodded, “Exactly. We’ve been cheating our whole lives, of course we’re going to copy a good idea when we see one. It’s in our DNA, Jacobson should know, she birthed us.”

BOTH: “Thanks Filmzie for screening us!”

JACOBSON: “Once again, it’s a travesty.”

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