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Lunch Ladies Now On My Movies Plus – “Two Negatives Equals A Positive”

Lunch Ladies is now screening on - My Movies Plus - after convincing the bewildered streamer that having two murdering Lunch Ladies with a bad reputation adds up.

Said Seretta, seasoning some “special” sausage links for the local Melvinville Kiwanis Club yearly pancake breakfast, “When My Movies Plus informed us that they were avoiding us because we were two big fat minuses, we knew we had won. Tell ‘em, Lou.”

Bleaching the kitchen floor to remove a giant blood, er spaghetti sauce stain, a dizzy LouAnne took a moment to recover from the strong fumes, to explain: “Though we cheated our way through math in high school, we remembered one thing – two negatives equal a positive. After reminding My Movies Plus of this, they had to admit defeat and welcome us onto the channel.”

Both: Thanks, My Movies Plus! Another win for the Lunch Ladies!

My Movies Plus is a worldwide TVOD, AVOD, and SVOD streamer which plays on numerous platforms including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire. In their own words: “We like everything, but love comedy, action horror, documentaries, political stuff, and bitcoin content.”

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