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Lunch Ladies Pull a Fast One - Get the Long End of the Stick on Shortly

The Lunch Ladies are celebrating by playing hooky from school after pulling a fast one by getting the long end of the stick on streaming platform, Shortly.

The Video-on-Demand site had been successful at avoiding the reprehensible duo for quite some time, but finally acquiesced to screening them after the ladies badgered them for hours on end with annoying sayings about the long and short of things and the short and long of things while throwing in some short and long onomatopoeias, palindromes and other obscure word types you happily forgot from 7th Grade English Class.

When asked how they came up with the brilliant idea, the ladies were candid:

Seretta: “This Shortly Platform was a hard nut to crack because they’re super intelligent, so we knew we had to beat them at their own game. Tell em, Lou.”

LouAnne: “We had to lean into the idea that the tongue is mightier than the chainsaw, so we confused the h*ll out of them until they gave up trying to figure out what we were saying and screened us in frustration.”

Both: “Genius!”

See the Lunch Ladies on Shortly HERE!

Shortly is a Video-on-Demand Platform started by Chief Eva Thunell. Starting from her homebase in Sweden she developed the site with a goal to create a “Netflix for short film,” a single platform where she’d be able to access all types of content in one place - thus Shortly was born. Films from around the world can be easily viewed on Shortly with any major device.

Find and follow Shortly at:

Website: Instagram: Facebook:


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