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Lunch Ladies Use Pot Pie Rocket Launcher To Screen On ALTER

Breaking Newz!

The Lunch Ladies have used a DIY pot pie rocket launcher on ALTER headquarters to secure a coveted spot on the horror channel.

We went in-depth with the dynamic duo to be the first to get the scoop.

Seretta, readers want to know, why a pot pie rocket launcher?

Why not? For three whole days, ALTER had been ignoring our robocalls to be a part of their family. Well guess what, that’s three flippin’ days too long - so we sprung into Plan B - pummel the staff with pot pies and let ‘em know who’s boss.

I see. LouAnne, can you walk us through the logistics?

My pleasure. We had to kill all night… I mean cook all night to make enough ammo. After that it was easy, we knocked out the back window of the LeSabre to fit the launcher inside, loaded up the trunk, headed over to ALTER HQ and annihilated them until they surrendered and caved to our demands.

Barbaric. Any lasting words?

Victory is ours!

See Lunch Ladies for FREE on ALTER's YouTube Channel HERE. See it on Facebook HERE. Please Share, Like and/or Comment ya delinquentz! Extra credit from the Ladies if you do!

ALTER is the horror division of independent film production company Gun Powder & Sky. On the cutting edge of horror while still paying homage to the classics, ALTER screens shocking short films, daring new series, innovative podcasts and award-wining feature films.

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Facebook: @WatchALTER

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