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Shot TV - Lunch Ladies Continue World Domination Goals - Send Pot Pies to Russia With Love


The Lunch Ladies continue to seek world domination and are one terrifying step closer after sending pot pies to Russia with love and scamming a distribution deal from Shot TV; the first and ONLY TV Channel in Russia dedicated to short films broadcasting 24/7.

Shot TV, which has the largest library of short films in Russia with more than 3000 (one of which is now the flippin’ Lunch Ladies), said they were quote “thrilled with the flakey pie crust and aroma” unquote, then fed them to the endangered Siberian Tiger, Sasha, that stalks their offices after hours searching for leftover homemade Pierogis.*

Said Seretta, knocking back a shot of Vodka: “Whew! That goes down smooth. Anyhow, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah. Shot TV. We’re just thrilled to be part of Shot TV and are touched that our pot pies were received so graciously by the Russians. Lou, fill me up again.”

LouAnne, chopping up rotted potatoes then distilling them in a rusty tin can 'cause they’re too cheap to buy vodka, snarled: “You’ve had enough, ya lush! It’s my turn to party, you deal with the taters. And thanks, Shot TV for bringing us one step closer to conquering the world!”**


*Sasha never ate another Pierogi again and now only wants Lunch Ladies pies.

**After partnering a deal for the Lunch Ladies to send more FRESH pot pies for Sasha in exchange for airplay, Shot TV has agreed to stream the notorious duo in the following countries IN ADDITION to Russia: Georgia, CIS (Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan), Ukraine, Baltic States (Lithuania, Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Estonia).

About Shot TV:

Shot TV is the first and only TV Channel in Russia dedicated to short films broadcasting 24/7. It has the biggest library of short films in Russia with more than 3000. Their catalogue includes horrors, world famous TV shows, Oscar nominees and winners, a Best of Russia short-film collection, nominees and winners of “Kinotavr” the biggest film festival in Russia, and short films with Hollywood stars.

Follow Shot TV at:

Instagram: @shottv_channel



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