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SKOL! Lunch Ladies Enlist Help Of Trolls To Secure Norwegian Premiere At Ramaskrik Fest

Dagens Næringsliv has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have strong-armed their way into Norway for the Ramaskrik Film Festival after securing the help of trolls.

Apparently, Norway has been one of only a handful of countries that have held steadfast in remaining Lunch Ladies free. Many Norwegians even went so far as to brag that the women wouldn’t dare tangle with their Viking Spirit or the fjords.

This really pissed off the Lunch Ladies so they decided to bring out the big guns.


Said Seretta, hanging up a giant, crappy, xeroxed copy of Norwegian Artist, Munch’s “The Scream” next to her Cry-Baby poster of the Depper: “After we were kind enough to send the programmers one hundred lutefisk pot pies, and they still held out, we knew we had no choice but to get tough and summon the trolls. Tell ‘em, Lou.”

LouAnne, prepping Norwegian salmon sliders with dill and Satan knows what else, smirked and explained: “It was super easy. We knew trolls were rampant in the area because one of our favorite movies - TROLL HUNTER - was filmed there. We texted our troll pals and got them to uproot Ramaskrik’s HQ and demand a screening. It worked like a charm!”


The Festival runs from October 15-18 and will be the Ladies’ Norwegian Premiere. Details will be posted HERE!

The Ramaskrik Film Festival is a horror and fantasy film festival over four days located in Oppdal. The festival takes place at Oppdal Kulturhus, but due to COVID will be online this year. In 2019, Ramaskrik was ranked by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the top 30 bloody best genre film fests in the world. 2020 marks their 10th year and the year trolls made them screen the Lunch Ladies.


Facebook: @ramaskrikfilm

Instagram: @ramaskrikoppdal

Twitter: @Ramaskrik_


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