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Troma Now! Lunch Ladies Picket Troma Offices And Flash Lloyd Kaufman


Audiences around the world are horrified after learning the Lunch Ladies have continued their quest for global domination by securing a spot on Troma Now!

However, it wasn't without a fight.

Even Troma, a bunch of yahoos known for poor taste and bad decisions, wanted nothing to do with the wretched duo. Troma had committed to screening A VERY IMPORTANT FILM that would elevate their reputation to new heights, and would be "damned" if they let the Lunch Ladies destroy their chance at mainstream acceptance.

The Lunch Ladies declared war.

For 45 days straight, they picketed Troma Offices, sent over 123 pot pie "special deliveries" and screened Johnny Depp movies day and night on a jacked Jumbotron they lifted from a Gordon Lightfoot concert.

But, still, it was a standoff.

Finally, the Lunch Ladies got their way after they flashed the Head of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman, who screamed:

"Sweet Lucifer, I could've been blinded! Whatever these b*tches want, give it to them!"

The Lunch Ladies and A Very Important Film - a short made by their disgruntled creator Clarissa - are now screening SVOD on Troma Now!*

See Lunch Ladies on Troma Now! HERE

See A Very Important Film on Troma Now! HERE

*Sign up to get Troma Now! with a sweet a*s 30-day free trial then graduate to a ridiculously CHEAP $4.99 a month thereafter!

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