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“Woke” Lunch Ladies & A Very Important Film – Court Millennials on Lookhu


The Lunch Ladies have teamed up with A Very Important Film to stream on Lookhu to prove they’re “woke” even though they’re 52 years old and have no clue what NFTs are.

Seretta, surfing the dark web to learn about sh*t millennials are into, took time out of her busy schedule to explain their marketing plan.

“When we heard Lookhu was specifically targeted toward the ‘me generation’ we knew it was a slam dunk because we pride ourselves on being about ‘me.’ The world revolves around us, and millennials can relate to that. But, at the same time, like millennials, we’re totes offended by the term ‘me generation,’ it’s not woke. Right, Lou?”

LouAnne, reading about how to invest in crypto but completely f*cking confused, put her work aside to add to the compelling conversation.

“Exactly, the mere fact that we recognize being called the ‘me generation’ is unwoke makes us even more woke. When we explained how woke we were to Lookhu, they were afraid of not being woke, so naturally they programmed us.”

Both: Thanks, Lookhu! We’re shook to be streaming on the channel!

Meanwhile the important filmmakers for A Very Important Film stated they’re so woke they’re above being woke and that millennials tuning into Lookhu will be astounded by the woke importance of the film.

See Lunch Ladies on Lookhu HERE. A Very Important Film will be streaming on the site soon - stay up to date on details HERE.

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