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"Zero Excuses Policy" - Lunch Ladies Stream For FREE On Dark Matter TV

In Lunch Ladies news today...

The dynamic duo once again shocked and disturbed the world, this time by announcing (to any poor fool that will listen), that they now have a "Zero Excuses Policy."

The mandate came down from the women after they pulled some typical, despicable Lunch Ladies shenanigans, forcing Dark Matter TV to stream them for FREE.

Said Seretta, filing viewer excuses in her circular file: “Now that we're FREE on Dark Matter TV, we don’t wanna hear anyone’s lame a*s excuse about why they can't see us. Zero Excuses!”

LouAnne, feeding more viewer excuses that really piss them off to T-Rex (their meat grinder), clarified the policy: “There is simply no reason to avoid us now, and anyone who tries can look forward to an extremely fresh pot pie delivered to their doorstep."

Seretta & LouAnne: “Thanks, Dark Matter TV for making Zero Excuses possible!”

Lunch Ladies is now streaming on DARK MATTER TV in the company of some of the best horror, thriller, SCI-FI and true crime films out there. Join up! Free with ads, or $4.99 a month ($49.99 a year) without ads. My fellow Americans and Africans (Lunch Ladies streaming starts in June in Africa too), it is a small price to pay to avoid the Lunch Ladies' signature pot pie.

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Dark Matter TV is an A-VOD app that is available in the U.S. Africa, and South East Asia. DarkMatter TV was founded in 2019 by TriCoast TV and features Science Fiction, Horror, and Action themed content that is expertly curated by their staff. TriCoast TV's operations are based in Culver City, California United States.


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