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Ubiquitous Horror Discovers Where Lunch Ladies Hides The Body

Lunch Ladies

Ubiquitous Horror - Journalist Siobahn Harris' website of insightful horror movie reviews and thoughts on all things that bring the fear - came back around like a second helping of pot pie for another story about Lunch Ladies - this time she interviewed the Director, JM Logan and myself, writer/producer for our thoughts on the making of the film. Yeah, we too can't believe we pulled this shit off.

She writes:

"From the obsession with Johnny Depp to the dance scene in the cafeteria to the blood-soaked kitchen, this film was one that grabbed me from the start and kept a smile plastered on my face. After watching this short, I not only wanted more but I just wanted to know more about what went into this. If you’re reading this, you probably love horror but what would make someone who can obviously write comedy, choose to write horror?"

Check Out The Full Story:

To see her original post on Lunch Ladies which was our first review EVER (she will always have a special place in our black hearts) - READ HERE.

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