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Dread Central Says: "Fans of Black Comedy Rejoice! Lunch Ladies is a Viciously Amusing Short"

Lunch Ladies Dread Central

The Lunch Ladies are basking in the big time with a freaking awesome review and a news story from Dread Central's Travis Mullins who called it a "viciously amusing short" as well as a "5-Star little film that deserves a look" - "Fans of Black Comedy Rejoice!"

Since Dread Central loved them so much, the Lunch Ladies are convinced that their dream of being Johnny Depp's personal chefs is only a blink away. After all, how can Johnny NOT be a fan of Dread Central? How can Johnny NOT think "I really need those Lunch Ladies in my life?" How can Johnny NOT swoon for their KILLER cooking skills? EXACTLY. It's a no-brainer!

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DISCLAIMER: Once again, for those of you who attended Melvin High and have a lame gap in your learning - Dread Central is a two ton gorilla in horror news.

Travis Mullins

Travis Mullins is an Orlando-based writer for Dread Central. A huge fan of Disney and the horror genre, he is currently going to school for film production technology.

Facebook: DreadCentral

Instagram: @tmullinsfl Twitter: @DreadCentral Website:

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