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Catfight With Morbida And Margaritas As The Lunch Ladies Go International At Mexico's Mórbido Fest

Morbido Film Fest

The Lunch Ladies are super excited to have their International Premiere at the Mórbido Fest in Mexico City: home to their favorite things, margaritas, avocados and Mexicans - because Mexicans are cool as hell - ALMOST as cool as Johnny Depp. What they are not super excited about is the apparent interest The Depper is taking in that scantily clad, hot bitch in the Morbido Fest's Poster.

Therefore, join them for a margarita cocktail party before where they catfight Morbida (as they have nicknamed her) and stake their claim on JD. Place bets on the Lunch Ladies and make bank! Then enjoy the film right after while Morbida crawls off with her literal tail between her legs.

Lunch Ladies screens in the THE BLOOD DRENCHED COMEDY SECTION:

"The love affair between horror and comedy generates monsters. We dare you to meet 10 of the naughtiest."

The festival runs October 26 through November 5. Showtimes and Tickets to be announced soon!

PS. The coolest thing is Meeting MacGuffin - Catya Plate's animated ecological thriller will ALSO BE PLAYING AT THE FEST. We showed together at HollyShorts! So this fest is a two for one!

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Morbido Film Fest



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