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NOT TO BE MISSED! Principal Grossfetig Shows His Face at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival!

On Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 5PM, history will be made!

Rumors have confirmed that Principal Grossfetig will be attending the Atlanta Horror Film Fest screening of Lunch Ladies.

Contrary to the belief that Lunch Ladies filmmakers didn't know what the hell they were doing because Grossfetig's head was cut off in every single scene, dark web sources confirmed it was his choice. Apparently, the Principal refused to allow his face to be filmed. Some say it was because he was shy. Others say it was because he didn't want to be associated with this sick piece of cinema. Regardless, after some undisclosed money exchanged hands, he has decided to show his handsome mug at the fest.

This is NOT to be missed!

Enjoy meeting the thorn in the Lunch Ladies' side, enjoy listening to his B.S. version of the story, and get his rare and coveted autograph! (WARNING: do NOT let him know if you own any Property of Melvin High Pencils)

Get tickets to see the Lunch Ladies screen with Principal Grossfetig in Atlanta HERE

Actor Chris Fickley (Principal Grossfetig) is a small town boy, taking the midnight train going anywhere. He has spent years writing, producing, directing, teaching, and acting in the occasional role when his life is threatened. He enjoys long walks on the beach, piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. He directed the feature film “Gunfight at La Mesa” and is currently searching couch cushions for loose change.



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