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Psychic Celluloid YouTube Review: "The Lunch Ladies Did A Fantastic Job! They Were So Gross!"

Psychic Celluloid Signals

The Lunch Ladies just got their very first YouTube Review from three discerning dudes known as PSYCHIC CELLULOID SIGNALS. It was fantastic! The guys really loved it. In fact, they even went so far as to shout it out to the man himself:

"Johnny Depp, we highly recommend you check this film out."

But... the Lunch Ladies are not happy.


So what if Psychic Celluloid said it was "Very fresh, with nods to Tim Burton's work without ripping it off?" So what if they said "It was a lot of fun" or that "the acting was terrific" or that "it was a really good mixture of unique ideas?" And, who cares if they said Lunch Ladies " did a great job blending 80s movies with a more modern feel" and that they "can't wait to see where it goes?"


The Lunch Ladies are not happy about


"The Lunch Ladies did a fantastic job... they were so like... uh... gross."


Seretta wants you BOYS to know that she spends 4 hours a week in the nail salon, 7 hours a week ratting her hair into a beehive, 3.5 hours a week gluing her fake eyelashes on, and she always smells delicious because she wears JEAN NATE.

LouAnne wants you BOYS to know that she spends 16 hours a week feathering her amazing dirty blonde hair into a ducktail, that her athlete's foot is finally gone and that if you don't like her natural body odor - pungent, spicy, sweet yet musky - then you need your olfactory system ripped out.

PS. Seretta and LouAnne also wanted you know that they have no hard feelings - they've whipped you up some delicious pot pies which will be arriving via FedEx direct to your mailboxes. Enjoy!

Facebook: pyschic-celluloid-signals YouTube Channel



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