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The Lunch Ladies Wake Up From Nightmares to Win Best Horror Comedy!

Lunch Ladies

Let's be honest. The past two decades have been a flipping nightmare for the ladies. No respect, no love, no Johnny Depp. So, imagine the surprise when they woke up at Nightmares Film Festival to win Best Horror Comedy!

The Lunch Ladies, who showed up to the ceremony in Harry Winston tiaras and sequined polyester gowns by Dress Barn, could not believe they won against such an awesome lineup of sick and funny films.

Seretta said: "We saw every single short we were up against, and frankly we were shocked we won. Sure we made a few offhanded remarks about what happened to the last person who pissed us off, but that had nothing to do with our success. Thank you, Nightmares Fest!"

LouAnne said: "Things have really turned around for us after the demise of that snotty cheerleader. God bless you, Nightmares Fest!"

The following films were nominated:

Girl #2



Facebook: @NightmaresFilmFest

Nightmares Film Festival

JM Logan the Director, and Clarissa Jacobson, Writer/Producer pretty darn happy.



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