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Lake Wobegon Lunch Ladies, Purple Rain, Minnesota Nice and Hastings Star Gazette


Writer/Producer Clarissa Jacobson, even though she now loves the warmth and smog of Los Angeles, is proud to hail from the Land of Sky Blue Waters, Lake Wobegon, The Replacements, Purple Rain and The Power of the Negative.

Even though she got the hell out of the cold, it's obvious her brain never thawed completely which is why Lunch Ladies is so demented. But that's okay, because Minnesota loves demented! Maureen McMullen, Reporter for Clarissa's hometown paper - The Hastings Star Gazette - loves demented so much she did a sweet little feature on the Lunch Ladies.

Read the article HERE

Then ponder if Maureen was just being Minnesota Nice.

PS. The Lunch Ladies partied their asses off at First Avenue where the ghost of Prince told them "you rock."



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