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The Depper Scrubs Down Lunch Ladies With Twisted Wonderland Perfumery's "Lunch Is Served Pie Soap"

Updated: Jun 2

Twisted Wonderland Perfumery, maker of fine soaps, perfumes, lip scrubs and all things that smell good for the bod, has launched the official Lunch Ladies shower line after months of hard work and experimentation.

Owner, Rae Ganter said it all started when she was contacted by the Lunch Ladies immediately after "an unfortunate incident." Rae elaborated "Seretta and LouAnne were hyperventilating and asked if I could whip them up something that smelled great, moisturized their delicate French skin and was tough on blood."

Rae locked herself in her Twisted Wonderland Mad Hatter's Laboratory and worked day and night trying hundreds of different potions and spells to come up with what the Lunch Ladies now call their signature soap.

The Lunch Ladies said 'Lunch Is Served' Pie Soap is a fantastic product - when we said "Out Damn Spot," out it came. It's sensuous, silky, sweet and the suds are soooo sexy. In fact we're gonna invite The Depper to take a shower with us and soap us down. He won't be able to say no."

'Lunch Is Served' Pie Soap can be bought at the Lunch Ladies Jacked School Store or Twisted Wonderland Perfumery which stocks a ton of other cool products like Handcrafted Soaps, "Deadly Kiss" Lip Balms and It's Whipped! Sugar Scrubs.

*'Lunch Is Served' Pie Soap is 10oz. Unlike the original, this baby is vegan.

Twisted Wonderland Perfumery is located in upstate New York. The name Twisted Wonderland Perfumery is a combination of the owner's favorite things in life: Alice in Wonderland, Smell-Goods, & Horror/Macabre! All of the products are 100% cruelty free and everything is vegan with the exception of the Deadly Kiss Lip Balms which contain a small amount of beeswax.

Website: www.twistedwonderlandperfumery.com

Facebook: @twistedwonderlandperfumery

Instagram: @twistedwonderlandperfumery

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