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The Night Owl Chronicles Compete With Lunch Ladies For Johnny Depp!

The Night Owl Chronicles

It's no secret there's been a bit of competition between the Lunch Ladies and the Garcia Sisters, writers of the spine tingling edge of your seat books - The Night Owl Chronicles.

Sure, The Garcia Sisters love the Lunch Ladies and gave them a great review, however, the Lunch Ladies don't trust those two as far as they could throw them. The problem stems from the fact that the sisters are just so damn pretty. And now they're working on a second book - CINEMA 2 which Johnny LOVED. On top of that the Garcia Sisters are donning hairnets. Something is afoot!

The Lunch Ladies had this to say:

Seretta: "If they think they're horning in on us and becoming Johnny Depp's personal chefs, they're sorely mistaken. Sure we loved that review and we love their books but they better stay the hell away from Johnny."

LouAnne: "So, what if they're pretty and look great in hairnets. Johnny knows who his true fans are. They need to stop trying so hard because they will NEVER be The Depper's personal chefs."

Hailing from Australia, The Garcia Sisters are definitely sisters (people always ask!) and they're left handed - how apropos for Horror Writers (if you subscribe to the ancient myth that lefties are spawned from Satan). The idea of "The Night Owl Chronicles" happened while they were having lunch (which is why they relate to the Lunch Ladies).

Pick up their book THE DOOR and watch for their sequel: CINEMA 4 coming out soon an Follow The Night Owl Chronicles at:


Facebook: @thenightowlchronicles

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