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Lunch Ladies Win At South African Horrorfest Even After LouAnne Dances Naked On National Monument

South African Horrorfest Lunch Ladies


South African Horrorfest announced their winners and hell if the Lunch Ladies didn't take home Best Comedy Short EVEN AFTER LouAnne got crazy with locals tobogganing* all night then dancing naked on a National Monument.

LouAnne said: "After they got their panties in a bunch when all I did was have fun, we thought there was no way in hell South Africa would ever award us anything. Frankly, I'm proud of them for taking the high road."

Seretta who didn't make the South African Horrorfest because she was repping the film in Mexico City at the Mórbido Fest, said "I was really pissed at LouAnne for ruining our chances to win (pot calling the kettle black), and I bitch slapped her. I had to say I'm sorry when South Africa surprised us and gave us the award."

Thanks South African Horrorfest!

South African Horrorfest

*Cape Town is one of the top tobogganing spots in the world - just don't be like LouAnne and get kicked out of the country.

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