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Teen Movie Critic "Nedflix N Chill" Relieved Lunch Ladies Doesn't Suck

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The Lunch Ladies are flying high on getting a great review from a teenager. Everyone knows teenagers hate everything. Of course critic Ned Daniels is a Senior on the brink of leaving the hell that is high school behind, but hey, he's still young enough to be a pain in the ass.

Mr. Daniels, who spends his Wednesdays with a buddy watching films after school then dissecting them and giving super smart critiques remembers his trepidation about even reviewing Lunch Ladies:

"Short films are really a mixed bag and I had no idea what I was in for. I got to thinking, "Oh god, what if it sucks?!?! How could I tell them? Do I just ignore them?"


"Thankfully I didn't have to worry about any of that awkward shit cuz the short was fucking great!"

Then, Ned really let it rip:

"Immediately I knew I was in for a treat because this film looked professional as fuck. Straight legit. I know I normally don't comment much on the technical aspects of films but I just watched the feature length film Things and that movie looked like it was made by toddlers. These filmmakers know what they're doing. One of the things that caught my eye immediately was the set design. Incredibly impressive, the detail was amazing. I loved the propaganda style posters all over the school, I was constantly looking at the labels for all the props in the kitchen, and then the Johnny Depp poster with the faded worn down spot on his lips was perfect."

Oh please, Ned stop, we're blushing - but thank you for noticing our set designers Ray and Alicia Ho who rocked that Lunch Lady land.

Okay, Mr. Daniels. If you insist. Continue.

"The leads are great, the titular Lunch Ladies are over the top in all the right ways. The film has this kinda 80's slapstick vibe to it with some fun and gross gags but what really sets it apart from those films is its sense of whimsy. Anytime the Lunch Ladies would drift off into daydreams over their beloved Johnny Depp the camera would float around them as if we were joining them on their fantasy, their heads still in the clouds. It might be one of the most playful films to feature someone getting hacked to pieces. I was genuinely rooting for the Lunch Ladies. A gross yet heartwarming story."

Thanks Ned! Oh, Ned, btw the Lunch Ladies wanna know where they can get some of those Nedflix N Chill Condoms you use in your logo - those are the shit.

Follow Ned Daniels of Nedflix N Chill at:

Facebook: @nedflixnchill

Instagram: @nedflix_n_chill



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