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Lunch Ladies Contemplate Selection of Famous Monsters Silver Scream Fest - "We Are Not Monsters"

Silver Scream Festival Lunch Ladies

The Lunch Ladies got the news this week that the Silver SCREAM Festival wants to see them front and center in February 2018 for the celebration which runs with The Famous Monsters Convention. After the Lunch Ladies' initial excitement where they whooped it up like hyenas on crack, the reality of what they had been selected for hit them like a ton of bricks.

Seretta lamented: "First we were touched and thankful we were asked to be part of such an iconic festival. But, then we were hurt. What exactly was Silver Scream insinuating in asking us to be part of this so-called Famous Monsters Convention? We are not monsters. We are misunderstood. And we kindly ask this be noted in their program."

LouAnne concurred: "Frankly I'm disappointed in the Silver Scream Fest. It's really sad in this day and age that good people like us are subjected to such judgments. I repeat. We are not monsters. We are misunderstood. Everyone with a lick of sense knows that."

Silver Scream programmers took the Lunch Ladies concerns to their Grand Poop-bah who said "There's a monster in all of us and if those Lunch Ladies don't like it they can lump it."

Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine was established in 1958 as a way to celebrate genre films and unite fans around the world. The magazine has gone on to become one of the most influential entertainment magazines of all time. The Lunch Ladies ' Uncle Z (who got the electric chair but was a good guy), had stacks of them in his bedroom. Seretta and LouAnne fondly remember Sunday afternoons paging through them for hours while Uncle Z sawed up "things" in his basement. In 2016, Famous Monsters first joined forces with the Santa Rosa Entertainment Group to hold the Silver Scream Film and Comic Festival with a focus on independent films, screenplays, and comic books.




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