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Writer/Producer Travels 1,850 Miles to See The Lunch Ladies in Mexico and Fails

In her own words:

"The first screening mishap occurred because there was a Day of the Dead Parade and all the roads were blocked. The cabbie said he'd drop me off as close to the theatre as he could get me - i.e. on the side of the massive congested freeway where he pointed THAT WAY.

So, I got out and walked THAT WAY - Google Maps was self-imploding, so I panicked and started to run. Picture a chick in fishnets, combat boots and a dress battling a massive Day of the Dead crowd and armadillo floats. And yes, I'm not like a dude, I DID stop to ask three times if I was going the right way. "Si." Si my ass! I was completely LOST!

Lungs burning from sprinting for 30 minutes straight, I started to sob. I realized I wouldn't make it. Then, it dawned on me, at least I could still get to the Q&A! I flagged another cab who wanted nothing to do with me but felt sorry for me - I really looked like shit by now. For an hour he attempted to beat the crazy traffic and just when we were getting close... wait for it... he got in an accident. So, I jumped out, ran some more and damn if I didn't find the theatre and just make it to the Q&A! Sweaty and stinky with mascara running down my face.

The second screening, I left my hotel 4 hours early. JUST IN CASE. At the theatre, with plenty of time to kill, I read emails, instagrammed with some dude who tried to convince me he was Tré Cool from Green Day and had two gin and tonics. A half hour before the show, slightly buzzed and happy, I asked which theatre the film was playing in - "LO SIENTO - CANCELADO."

All I could do was laugh. Until it started to rain. At least I would see my friend Catya Plate's movie - Meeting MacGuffin. Right? WRONG! The Uber that picked me up from my CANCELADO film? Wait for it... he also got in an accident. So, I missed hers too!

I admit it, my annoyingly perky optimism was waning. I headed back to the hotel mulling over whether I should take one more chance and go see Gisberg Bermúdez Molero's film El Silbón:Orígenes. I had met him at the Opening Ceremony and I really wanted to support his work and see it.

It was my last night... I decided I should brush my teeth and go.

And then this happened.

Broken Toothbrush

That's when I said fuck it - Mexico you have brought me to my knees! But hey, at least I got a cool ass Mórbido Swag Bag, got to walk the red carpet and go to a kick ass opening ceremony."



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