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Lunch Ladies Official Selection of Oregon Scream Week - Ousted Zombie Tweets - "Lunch Ladies Sucks"

Oregon Scream Week

The dark web has reported that Oregon Scream Week has programmed the Lunch Ladies to play at the fest and has ousted a zombie who thought he would be screening instead. In a stunning play of bad sportsmanship, the zombie has been nonstop tweeting "Lunch Ladies Sucks."

The Lunch Ladies were nonplussed at first then decided to school him:

Seretta: "Listen, hatchet job. You need to take a chill pill. Oregon Scream Week thought we were simply more scream-worthy. Sorry. Just because you're a zombie and floss with sinew does not mean you have the cornerstone on horror."

LouAnne: "Hey, worms for brains, in case you didn't know, it's the entertainment business. You win some you lose some. This time we won. You lost. Suck it up."

Did the zombie take these words to heart? Gurgling over fresh intestines he had this to say: "Uhhhh, arrrhh, grrrr... Lunch Ladies suck."

Zombies are so competitive.

The Lunch Ladies screen at Oregon Scream Week on February 16 at 7PM.

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