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Lunch Ladies Threaten To Flash Scottish Website Popcorn Horror - Score Great Review


In a stunning turn of events, The Lunch Ladies have forced the hand of Scottish website - Popcorn Horror - to give them a great review by threatening to show them what's under their kilts. Faster than you can play "Highland Laddie" on the bagpipes, the site instructed their journalist, good old Andrea, to "just write something and make it believable."

"Lunch Ladies has a brilliant score, with nods to the jangly discomfort of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, set to well shot sequences and moreover, a diverse cast and crew... "

See the Full Story HERE

Seretta, enjoying some scrumptious haggis said "One thing our She-wolf mother always said was, "If you don't got it, flaunt it." She may have weaned us on Colt 45 but she raised us well."

LouAnne, enjoying her second heaping of mince and tatties said, "Poor Andrea. She must've really done something to piss off her superiors to be stuck with us. Oh well, that'll teach her."

Popcorn Horror

Popcorn Horror is a horror website, channel and news feed and is currently the largest horror company in Scotland. They are a proud member of the genre content network ‘CryptTV’ – founded by director Eli Roth.

Follow Popcorn Horror at:

Website: Facebook: @PopcornHorror

Instagram: @popcorn.horror

Twitter: @PopcornHorror



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