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Lunch Ladies Official Selection of Artemis Women In Action Fest - Apply To Star In Next Jason Bourne

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

The Lunch Ladies are thrilled to be an official selection of the Artemis Women In Action Film Fest. But, according to reports from the dark web, they're only thrilled because they believe it will give them the extra edge they need to break into action movies.

Said Seretta, firing rounds with her peacemaker at target practice: "Now that we've been labeled "Women In Action" by The Artemis Women In Action Fest, we're confident Hollywood will give us a crack at the Jason Bourne series. Everyone is sick of Matt Damon anyhow."

LouAnne, practicing her saber slashing, agreed: "Not only is Matt Damon out and we're in, but we're proficient in a number of weapons and Artemis Women In Action Fest has legitimized us as action stars. Thanks guys!"

*Matt Damon could not be reached for comment but was reported to have said "I support the Lunch Ladies playing Jason Bourne."

The Artemis Women In Action Film Festival runs April 26-29 in Santa Monica, California. Details on screening times to be announced soon!

Follow The Artemis Women In Action Film Festival at:

Website: www.artemisfilmfestival.com

Facebook: @ArtemisMotionPictures

Twitter: @artemispics

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