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Lunch Ladies Flabbergasted - Get A+ From Film Threat Without Cheating - Check Into Mental Hospital

Mental Hospital

The Lunch Ladies are flabbergasted and have checked themselves into a Mental Hospital after having received the first A+ they've ever gotten without cheating.

Apparently, Film Threat journalist, Bobby LePire was at the Mammoth Film Festival this past weekend and was forced to sit through the Lunch Ladies. Rumors have surfaced that the high altitude f*cked with his head causing this insanely positive review:

"Lunch Ladies is one of the funniest, oddly sweet, gory good times to come out in a long time. Grade A+!"

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Said Seretta, lying in bed with a cold compress over her forehead and sniffing Vicks VapoRub: "There is no way on Satan's black earth that we got an A+ without cheating. Obviously we're delusional. Nurse! Nurse! Has Johnny Depp come to see us yet?"

LouAnne, lying next to her wearing a straitjacket, nodded: "One time in the second grade we decided not to cheat. It was a disaster filled year of F minuses, mean girls and heckling. No way in hell we got an A+ without cheating. Seretta, is Johnny Depp here to see us yet?"

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