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Lunch Ladies In Denial At Being Weird After Being Selected to Screen at MidWest WeirdFest

MidWest WeirdFest

The Lunch Ladies are in denial at being weird after being selected to screen at the MidWest WeirdFest:

Seretta, weirdly picking the whiskers out of her chin with a pliers from Home Depot, complained: "Weird? US? That's crazy! We're murdering Lunch Ladies in love with Johnny Depp. There's nothing weird about that."

LouAnne, weirdly doing prenatal yoga even though she isn't pregnant, concurred: "Weird? US? That's crazy! We're card-carrying Depper fan club members and we make a mean pot pie. What's weird about that?"

The Lunch Ladies play Saturday, March 10 at 12pm in the Shorts One: Horror & Sci-Fi Block.

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*According to sources from the dark web, the Lunch Ladies asked MidWest WeirdFest to drop the word "Weird'" from their name to rebrand as "MidWest Fest." MidWest WeirdFest said "Screw you Lunch Ladies. And by the way, you're weird."

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