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Lunch Ladies Dabble In Witchcraft - Succeed In Becoming An Official Selection Of Hexploitation Film

Hexploitation Film Fest

The Lunch Ladies are under investigation by Canadian authorities after the Hexploitation Film Fest in Ontario reported they were "hexed" into choosing the ladies as an official selection. According to in-depth research done by the dark web, the Ladies are collecting passport stamps and have not been to Canada yet - making it a "must go" destination.

Apparently, they first tried to get into the country by disguising themselves as Canadian Mounted Police but were stopped at the border. After that, they resorted to "the next best thing" - witchcraft.

Said, Seretta, grinding a lizard tail into fine dust with her mortar and pestle, "No one can prove we hexed that fest. That's the beauty of witchcraft, it's silent and deadly."

LouAnne, hunting for frogs in the backyard for use in later spells, said: "US? Witches? C'mon, this isn't 1692. Go ahead, Canadians, investigate. We dare you. We'll hex you too."

Lunch Ladies plays on Sunday, March 25 at 4PM right before the feature Blood Sucka Jones - Buy Tickets HERE!

The Hexploitation Film Festival runs from March 23-25 and is the only festival dedicated to horror & exploitation genre cult cinema in the Hamilton, Ontario Canada area. They screen 7 feature films and approx 20 shorts each year at the Staircase Theatre (27 Dundurn St. N).

Hexploitation Film Fest

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