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Lunch Ladies Pester The Hell Out Of Tim Wassberg of Inside Reel Productions For An Interview -  He F

Lunch Ladies

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have pestered the hell out of journalist Tim Wassberg of college entertainment TV show, Inside Reel Productions, until he caved and gave writer/producer Clarissa, an interview.

See the interview HERE Tim was attending the Santa Barbara Film Fest where the Lunch Ladies were screening and was planning on interviewing people much more important than Clarissa. Most would’ve been daunted. Not the Lunch Ladies who simply decided they would “pester him until he caves.” Said Seretta, chewing a wad of Juicy Fruit that she shoplifted at the local 7/11: “Tim deals with college students on a daily basis so he isn’t easily manipulated. Therefore, we had to do the next best thing. Pester him. Total game-changer.” LouAnne, enjoying the beef jerky that Seretta pilfered in addition to the Juicy Fruit, concurred: “We don’t usually like to resort to childish antics of pestering. But, you can’t win in any other way when you’re dealing with people like Tim. Thanks for the interview, sucker!” The Inside Reel is an award winning nationally broadcast television program and website which covers the film and television industry. It features celebrity interviews, behind the scenes segments, industry commentary and film festival coverage. Broadcast on both cable and closed-circuit to over 100 college campuses on SirkTV (formerly Zilo Networks), the show is now in its 10th season and reaches over 5 million viewers.

Inside Reel Productions

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