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Lunch Ladies Laugh In The Face Of Triskaidekaphobia To Screen At Monsterpalooza On Friday The 13th


Reports from the dark web have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have laughed in the face of Triskaidekaphobia after the recent news that they will be playing at the 10th Annual Monsterpalooza Convention on Friday the 13th.

Apparently the convention had hoped to scare the annoying Lunch Ladies away by scheduling them to screen on Friday the 13th, but the plan backfired when the Ladies went on record as saying "What an honor! That's our favorite number!"

Seretta, painting her thirteenth toenail (yes, she was born with 13 toes), said: "It's simple mathematics. Everyone knows we're bad luck, so the number 13 couldn't be more lucky for us. In laywoman terms: two negatives equal a positive."

LouAnne, waiting for her thirteenth piercing (in a special secret place) in honor of the screening, added: "Triskaidekaphobia is for weenies! Lunch Ladies screening on Friday the 13th, can mean only one thing: PURE FLIPPING AWESOMENESS. Thanks Monsterpalooza!"

The Lunch Ladies screen at Monsterpalooza on Friday, April 13 at 6:30pm at the Pasadena Convention Center in Theatre 2

Get tickets HERE!

Monsterpalooza is an American multigenre convention focusing on horror, creatures and makeup work. It draws tens of thousands of attendees and is visited by various horror celebrities. The Shape of Water Oscar Winning Director Guillermo del Toro said on his Twitter that Monsterpalooza is "the monster convention I dreamt could be possible as a kid."

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Website: Facebook: @MONSTERPALOOZA

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