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Lazy Lunch Ladies Pull A Tom Sawyer -Trick Canadian Sales Rep Ouat Media Into Doing Their Dirty Work

Reports from the dark web have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have been partying all night after tricking the Canadian Sales Rep - Ouat Media - into doing their dirty work. Apparently, the egotistical Lunch Ladies want to be distributed all over the world but are too lazy to do any of the slogging that is required to achieve their dreams of domination.

Said Seretta, who met Ouat Media at the Clermont-Ferrand Fest where the film screened in the Dinner Is Served Retrospective: "It was super easy. In Chapter 2 of Twain's famous book, good old Tom tricks all his buddies into the privilege of whitewashing the fence. We simply applied the same tactics on Ouat making them think they were getting the smart end of the deal, when it was us!"

LouAnne laughing her head off, finally calmed down to expound on the steps they used to pull off the Tom Sawyer: "First we forced them to eat a lot of rich French food so their brains were mush. Then we told them a heap of worthless info about how awesome we were. By the end of our manipulation they were begging to rep us. Thanks, Ouat Media!

Ouat Media is an Academy Award® Winning Film Sales and Distribution Company based in Toronto, Canada who is now stuck with the Lunch Ladies. They are owned and operated by Channel Zero.

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