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Itz Movies Feels Sorry For Lunch Ladies, Interviews Them & Regrets It - "Our New BFF"

Reports have surfaced that the Lunch Ladies have "glommed" on to Blogger, Anais Arias of ItzMovies after she interviewed them while they were at Mammoth Film Fest. Apparently Arias, who is super sweet, felt sorry for the Lunch Ladies when no one else wanted anything to do with them, so she agreed to an interview. A decision she would later deeply regret.

See the interview HERE

Soon after the fateful meeting, the Lunch Ladies assumed "She's our new BFF!" and went on to blow up Anais' phone with thousands of smiley heart emoji texts. Anais has gotten little sleep with the messages coming in at all hours of the night, yet, unfortunately she's too kind to shut them down.

Said Seretta, creating a shrine dedicated to Anais that sits right below Johnny Depp (nothing goes above The Depper), "Anais and us are very close. The reason we're such good friends is we're so much alike. We're hot, she's hot. We're incredibly awesome, she's incredibly awesome. We commit murder, she... yeah... she's our new BFF!"

LouAnne, attempting to style her limp ducktail into the wavy glorious locks that Anais has, said "Chicks can be such b*tches, so it's refreshing to have a close friend like Anais who doesn't feel intimidated by us. We're going to do EVERYTHING together, it's gonna be awesome. Thanks for the interview Anais - you're our new BFF!"

Anais Arias is a blogger, flimmaker and actress that started after clueless people in Hollywood didn't hire her to host their shows; so she started her own!


Facebook: @anaisfilm

Twitter: @ITZMOVIESBLOG Twitter: @itzmoe

Instagram: @morethanyouthink7 Instagram: @itzmoviesblog

YouTube: @ItzmoeDorkalicious7



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