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Lunch Ladies Head To Canada For Calgary Underground Film Fest - Drive Programmers Nuts Saying "Eh?"

Calgary Underground Film Festival

The Lunch Ladies are celebrating an easy victory after receiving the news that they're an official selection of the 15th Annual Calgary Underground Film Festival. Apparently, Calgary like all other fests were doing their best to avoid anything to do with the Lunch Ladies, but gave into their demands when the Ladies drove them nuts with saying "Eh?" and "Hoser."

Said, Seretta, cracking open a frosty can of Elsinore Beer: "We're huge fans of those Canadian hosers, Bob and Doug McKenzie from Strange Brew. So, you know, eh, when Calgary Underground didn't want to let us in, we just kept calling 'em up, parroting the McKenzies: "Eh, c'mon, you hosers, eh, take off you hosers, eh." Then, LouAnne sealed the deal. Tell 'em Lou."

LouAnne, giggling after shotgunning her Elsinore, said: "While we were hittin' 'em with the "eh" and "hoser" crap, I got four giant amps and set them outside headquarters. I played THIS on full blast. It only took 20 minutes till they said we were in. Thanks Calgary Underground!"

The Calgary Underground Film Fest runs from April 16-22. The Lunch Ladies play on Saturday, April 21 at 4:15pm in the "A Turn For The Worst" Section. Buy Tickets HERE!

Calgary Underground Film Festival

The Calgary Underground Festival is in its 15th year and is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to programming films that defy convention.

Follow Calgary Underground at:

Website: Facebook: @CalgaryUndergroundFilmFestival

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