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Lunch Ladies Head To France Again - Glom Unto Détours en Cinécourt Film Fest

Détours en Cinécourt

Said Seretta, yelling over Edith Piaf playing full volume on their crappy Buick Le Sabre speakers - "We had so much fun at France's Clermont-Ferrand Film Fest in February that we made it our mission to get back to beret wearing country as soon as possible. No one wanted us, so we took matters into our own hands and decided to glom on to Détours en Cinécourt."

LouAnne, modeling some knock off Louis Vuitton in hopes to impress Détours en Cinécourt when she attends, continued: "They wanted nothing to do with us; but once we glommed on to them, they had no choice but to program us. We highly recommend glomming, it totally works. Thanks for the selection Détours en Cinécourt!"

"Detours en Cinécourt encourages the distribution of short films and allows you to discover a cinema and unknown authors of the general public because too often not put forward by the commercial channels. This event is above all the meeting place between professionals and their audiences in an atmosphere of great conviviality"

Thank you Google Translate!

If that sh*t doesn't make sense to you, take it from the Lunch Ladies: Détours en Cinécourt f*ckin' rocks."

The Lunch Ladies will play at Détours en Cinécourt during the session "​LES ENFANTS SONT COUCHES" which will take place on June​ 6th​, 2018. Details to follow!

Détours en Cinécourt

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