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Lunch Ladies Still Plaguing Clermont-Ferrand Programmers - Tag Along To La Criée Tout Court Fest

La Criée National Theatre Marseilles

The dark web has confirmed that Clermont-Ferrand Film Fest is stuck with the Lunch Ladies again and are lamenting "We'll never get rid of them."

Back in February, the ladies crashed the prestigious international festival to play in the Dinner is Served Retrospective. Programmers were less than thrilled but sucked it up and hoped to never cross paths with the obnoxious duo again. No dice.

Said Seretta, nibbling daintily from a box of Ladurée macarons that she pilfered from the ridiculously expensive patisserie last time she was in France: "When we found out our old pals from Clermont-Ferrand were headed to Marseille for the La Criée Tout Court Festival, we knew we couldn't take NON for an answer. Tell 'em how we did it, Lou."

LouAnne, enjoying some outrageously expensive foie gras that she pilfered right under the nose of the Chef of Clermont-Ferrand - Éric Roux, chuckled: "It was such a hoot. Those Frenchies kept saying NON, NON, NON and we kept acting confused and telling them we didn't speak French. Finally, they were so exasperated they said YES. Thanks Clermont-Ferrand for bringing us to Marseille with you and ha ha La Criee Tout Court, here we come!"

An Oscar qualifying fest, Clermont-Ferrand is the longest running and biggest film festival in the world dedicated to short films. La Criée, is the National Theatre of Marseilles. It hosts artistic events throughout the year including the La Criée Tout Court Film Fest which boasts a selection of films from the Clermont-Ferrand Festival and the International Film Festival Aubagne.

La Criée Tout Court Festival runs April 21-29. The Lunch Ladies play on Saturday, April 21 at 7pm!


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