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Lunch Ladies Win At BoneBat "Comedy Of Horrors" Fest After Spiking Judge's Organic Coffee

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies have won Viewers Choice Award for Best Live Action Short at BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Fest after spiking the audience's organic coffee.

Shockingly, BoneBat Fest programmed the Lunch Ladies of their own volition in mid-April but are now regretting it after they had to award them the prize as well as have the Lunch Ladies twisted writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson and equally twisted director, JM Logan on their radio show. Hear the BoneBat Podcast HERE! Apparently, BoneBat's audience woke up the next day, not only confused and befuddled about what they had done but having to nurse massive hangovers. Said Seretta, lovingly dusting their BoneBat trophy with a pair of her lacy underpants: “We knew with 45 films in the running at BoneBat, there was no way in hell’s earth we’d win. The only hope, the only constant, the only CHANCE was coffee.” LouAnne, taking selfies in front of their BoneBat trophy, went on to explain: “Seattle LOVES coffee. So, they didn’t even notice when we laced it with pot pie flavored mind-altering drugs. It was sooo easy. In fact it was so easy we did it to the BoneBat programmers too, forcing them to take us to Crypticon Seattle for a "Best of BoneBat" screening too. Thanks BoneBat!"

Lunch Ladies plays Saturday, May 5, 5-7pm at Crypticon Seattle during the Best of BoneBat BoneBat Panel Discussion.

Get tickets HERE!

Other BoneBat winners were:

Viewer's Choice Award Best Animated Short - Winston

Viewer's Choice Award Best Pacific Northwest Short - Emiko

BoneBat Jumbo Bonus Jury Award - We Summoned A Demon

BoneBat Comedy Of Horrors Film Festival

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