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Lunch Ladies Furious At Nomination For Best Special EFX Award From Crimson Screen Horror Fest

Crimson Screen Horror Fest

Reports from the dark web have confirmed that the Lunch Ladies are furious after their SFX team received a nomination for Best Special Effects (EFX) at Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest.

Apparently, SFX Supervisor, Matt Falletta, and VFX Team - Roger Nall and Brandon Flyte - claim they were in charge of the gory goodness in the film whereas the p*ssed Lunch Ladies claim "That Sh*t Was Real."

Said Seretta, taking out her aggression by shooting at a rusty stationery bike that sits in their trash-filled backyard: "It's bad enough we murdered a cheerleader, but even more appalling that we aren't getting the credit! How dare Crimson Fest nominate those posers!"

LouAnne, equally pissed, taking out her aggression by hacking apart the mildewed couch next to the stationery bike: "What really repulses me is I had blood under my nails for weeks after that murder and now they're calling it fake! So sad. People do anything for a little bit of fame!"

When Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest was asked for comment they replied:

"Real or not real, not our problem."

The Lunch Ladies play at the Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest on Saturday, May 26 at 11:45 am in Comedy Shorts Block One.

Buy Tickets HERE!

Other nominated films for the EFX category include:

Inside The House We Summoned A Demon

Town of Samhain - Prologue

The Green Giant of Zanzuki

The fifth annual Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest takes place in Charleston, SC May 25-27 2018. Best of South Carolina named them a top 10 fest in South Carolina in 2017 and they were voted 2nd favorite film festival by readers of Horror Society in 2015! Back in January, Mac Brewer of Horror Society gave the Lunch Ladies one of their favorite reviews EVER: "Lunch Ladies is a mother f*cking masterpiece."

Follow Crimson Screen Horror Fest at:

Website: Facebook: @crimsonscreenfilmfest

Twitter: @crimsonscreen


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