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Lunch Ladies Head To Germany's Film Leben Fest After Duping Them - "We're Nieces Of Goethe."

Film Leben Festival

The Lunch Ladies are feeling smug after getting a second chance* to go to Germany; this time to the town of Ilmenau for the Film Leben Festival after duping programmers into believing they're the great nieces of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Apparently, the city is so beautiful Goethe named it as his favorite resort and visited often. In 1783 he wrote a poem called "Ilmenau" and later penned "The Wanderer's Nightsong II" and the 4th act of "Iphigenia" in Ilmenau. The Lunch Ladies, not knowing jack squat about Goethe, learned about the love the city holds for him on Wikipedia, so they used it to their advantage.

Said Seretta, turning down the German electronica she's rocking out to: "When Leben Fest wanted nothing to do with us, we had to get creative. That's when we decided to hit 'em where it counts: Goethe. Tell 'em Lou."

LouAnne, turning up the German electronica, continued: "We simply forged some birth certificates and fest programmers had no choice but to open their arms to us. Everyone knows you can't say no to Goethe's nieces. Thanks Leben Fest for the selection!

*The Lunch Ladies attended the 20minmax Festival in Bavaria back in April. Germany was hopeful that was the last of them, but should know better. These are the Lunch Ladies.

Film Leben Festival runs from June 6-10, 2018. The festival is in its sixth year and aims to foster new talents and promote the city as a quality cultural tourism destination - so having the great nieces of Goethe attending is awesome.

The Lunch Ladies screen on Friday, June 8 in the Late-Night Special: Category Horror from 11:30pm to 1:30 am the next day at Schaubergwerk Volle Rose! Prices: Full-paying € 2 / students € 1.

Film Leben Festival

Website: Facebook: @FilmLebenFestival

Instagram: @filmlebenfestival2018



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