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Lunch Ladies Head To Korea's Bucheon Fantastic Fest Where They Plan To Show Off Their Break Dancing

Bucheon International

The Lunch Ladies have finally clinched their Asian premiere at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) where they plan to show off their breakdancing "skillz." Apparently, Korea is loco for breakdancing and the Lunch Ladies shamelessly used it to their advantage:

Said Seretta, practicing spinning on her head while holding a cleaver: "Everyone knows the Koreans have some of the highest IQs in the world. There's no way in Satan they would've screened us unless we hadn't wowed them with our B-girling."

LouAnne, turning up some K-pop and moonwalking backwards, added: "When those BIFAN programmers saw our moves, we knew we were in. But just to make sure, we sent them some of our "special" Kimchi as a warning, I mean gift. Thanks BIFAN for the selection!"

BIFAN runs July 12-22 in Bucheon-city, Korea and is in its 22nd year. BIFAN is a member of the European Fantastic Film Festival Federation and showcases genre films from all over the world including science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Around 65,000 people attend the fest.

Lunch Ladies plays in the Fantastic Short Films 11 Section.

Details on screening times to follow!

Busan Fantastic Film Fest

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