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Lunch Ladies Send Heart Emojis to The Horror Syndicate After They Get A Stellar Review/Interview

The Horror Syndicate

The Lunch Ladies have been texting Mike Lombardo of The Horror Syndicate for days on end* with heart emojis after his recent amazing review:

"... Lunch Ladies is one of the best short films I have ever seen. It plays out like John Waters, Tim Burton, and Herschell Gordon Lewis had a mutated love child and it is glorious to behold."

Lombardo then took it a step further and got together with his Horror Syndicate cohorts, AMDA dropout, Bud Light Lime lover, Bryan Enright and "chunky Johnny Depp lookalike" Jared Letourneau to do an added live interview:

Hear it HERE!

Apparently, all three have a screw loose and love the Lunch Ladies.

Said Seretta, pulling out a pan of freshly made, filled with... love brownies they plan to send to the Horror Syndicate: “Everyone has their faults. Luckily, the Syndicate's fault of being sick and twisted works in our favor. LouAnne, pass me the finger, I mean fudge frosting.” LouAnne, shoving the bowl over to Seretta then getting back to flooding the Horror Syndicate's phones, nodded: “I hope they know with the 10,000 plus heart emojis we’ve sent how much our love overflowth. Thanks guys for the great review/interview!” *The Lunch Ladies stopped sending emojis to Lombardo after his girlfriend, Lex, found his phone and zipped off a furious text to them: “Stay the hell away from my man, Lunch Ladies, you have The Depper.”

The Horror Syndicate is a team of horror fans bringing you the best in horror reviews and news.

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