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Twofer Lunch Ladies Happy As Clams After Conning Both Dragon Con and MABO Film Fest Into A Selection

Dragon Con

The Lunch Ladies are happy as clams after conning both Dragon Con Independent Film Fest in Atlanta and Festival de Cortometrajes MABO in Puerto Rico into official selections.

Apparently, the Lunch Ladies who have now manipulated, cheated and lied their way through over 50 film fests (and counting) have decided that doing it one at time is no challenge and are now conning festivals two at a time.

Said Seretta, gasping for air, peddling a rusty elliptical machine that sits in the swamp in their backyard: "We're hoping to break 100 fests by the end of the year so you can see why we've taken it up a notch and employed "Operation Twofer." Lou, how much longer do I have to exercise?"

LouAnne, bench pressing the rotted half of an old sofa that has baby mice living in it, snapped: "You've only been at it one minute. You wanna succeed or not? Conning one fest at a time is a challenge, but conning two requires serious strength. We got lucky this time but the next ones might not be so easy. Thanks Dragon Con and Festival de Cortometrajes MABO for picking us!"

Dragon Con Independent Film Festival has been running 31 years. Each year they focus on showcasing the finest independent short films of the fantastic. They combine that with panels, celebrity guests, discussions, concerts, contests, seminars, and 80,000+ Dragon Con attendees. The Festival runs August 30-September 3.

Festival de Cortometrajes MABO is a short film festival that runs October 5-7 at the a-100 Amphitheatre at the University of Puerto Rico (Uprag).

Details on when the Lunch Ladies screen at Dragon Con and MABO to follow!

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