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Lunch Ladies Stage Sit-In On 13th Floor To Garner Awesome Review - "Our A*ses Hurt"

Thirteenth Floor

The Lunch Ladies are pampering sore behinds after sitting for 186 hours straight in front of reviewer Jeremiah Rosario of the Thirteenth Floor's 13th floor office and have gone on record to say "Our a*ses hurt but it was worth it."

Apparently, Rosario, like anyone with their head on straight, wanted nothing to do with the Lunch Ladies. However, everyone knows you can't tell those two b*tches anything, so he was forced to write an awesome review in order to get rid of them:

"Lunch Ladies is the best short film I've seen all year, and easily one of the best to come across this site's team since Thirteenth Floor's inception."

Read the whole shebang HERE!

Said Seretta, sitting in a tub full of ice cold Colt 45 to bring the swelling down on her tuchus: "After Jeremiah told us "go away" we protested his unfair treatment by setting up camp and making it impossible for him to work. It was powerful, patriotic, and annoying as f*ck."

LouAnne, downing a shot of Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bourbon to numb the pain in her caboose, added: "Rosario did his best to ignore us, but 186 hours of us staring him down did the trick. Thanks Jeremiah for the killer review!"

Thirteenth Floor is a website dedicated to reviews and podcasts about the horror industry. Jeremiah Rosario is co-founder along with David Wronski. Contributing members of The Thirteenth Floor include the Bitches Of Horror who the Lunch Ladies met last week after an astounding catfight. Special thanks to the Bitches for hooking up the review. We also want to shout out Nicholas Hunt, filmmaker extraordinaire who started the whole ball rolling!

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