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Eerie Late Night Horror Show Interviews The Lunch Ladies After They Give Them Nightmares

Eerie Late Night Horror Channel

The dark web has confirmed that the Eerie Late Night Horror Show had the Lunch Ladies on after they invaded their dreams and gave them nightmares:

"One, Two, Lunch Ladies Coming For You."

Hear the live recorded show HERE!

Apparently (like most in their sane mind), hosts of Eerie Late Night, Halloween Jack and The Bone Jangler, didn't want anything to do with the Lunch Ladies and repeatedly told them "get lost." As usual, the Lunch Ladies wouldn't take "get lost" for an answer:

Said Seretta, forging winning lotto tickets in hopes they can fool the guy at the 7/11: "It takes a lot of energy to give someone nightmares. Thank Satan it paid off and those hosts woke up screaming: "Whatever you want Lunch Ladies! Just don't visit our dreams again!"

LouAnne, crafting emails claiming she's a Nigerian Prince in need of social security numbers, continued: "It's not easy tapping into nightmares but we consulted our old pal Freddy and we were golden! Thanks Eerie Late Night for having us on, you can sleep soundly now!"

The promo started live Friday night with the Lunch Ladies unloading some swag they wanted to get rid of - including Twisted Wonderland Perfumery Ear Pie Soap! Saturday night the Lunch Ladies parked their butts in Eerie's studio and yapped until their hosts begged for relief.

The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel was created by Halloween Jack, Halloween Jacqueline, and Mr. Maniacal as a tribute to both horror hosts and the viewers who love the genre. The channel includes the best from the current horror hosting genre as well as exclusive hosts and content. The Eerie Late Night Horror Channel hosts 365 days a year on multiple platforms.

Eerie Late Night Radio Show

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Eerie Late Night

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