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Lunch Ladies Head To Women In Horror Film Fest After Spouting Dry Feminist Theory 24/7

The dark web has confirmed that the Lunch Ladies are heading to Atlanta's Women In Horror Film Fest (WHIFF) after spouting dry feminist theory 24/7 to exhausted programmers.

The festival, which celebrates women in the horror genre, wanted nothing to do with the duo but caved to their demands after being worn down by hours of dull, dry, analytical feminist theory:

Said, Seretta, burning her DDD Bra in a roaring bonfire to prove she's a feminist: "We knew we couldn't use our usual tactics of lying, manipulating and stealing to get into the fest because they're women. They don't fall for that kind of sh*t. We had to beat 'em at their own game."

LouAnne, roasting marshmallows, nodded: "We took the biggest and most boring words we could find like gynocentrism, intersectionality, and post-structuralism, jumbled them together then bombarded those programmers until we got the thumbs up. Thanks WIHFF for the selection!"

The Women In Horror Film Festival was founded in late 2016 by filmmakers Vanessa Ionta Wright and Samantha Kolesnik. It's a filmmaker, screenwriter and community focused festival dedicated to celebrating and showcasing women in the horror genre.

Details on when the Lunch Ladies screen coming soon!


Facebook: @WIHFF

Twitter: @WIHFF

Instagram: @womeninhorrorfilmfestival

Pictured below are the founders - Sam Kolesnik and Vanessa Ionta Wright - happier times before the Lunch Ladies plagued them with nonsensical feminist theory.



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