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Lunch Ladies Celebrate With 162 Hour Johnny Depp Movie Marathon After Scoring Three Great Reviews

Lunch Ladies

Shocked news outlets across the world are reporting that the Lunch Ladies have scored great reviews* from Nightmarish Conjurings, Tennessee Horror News and without coercion and have celebrated for 162 hours straight by watching back to back Johnny Depp Movies.

Nightmarish Conjurings: "I had no idea what I was in for, but when it was over, it was solidified as my favorite short film I've ever seen."

Tennessee Horror News: "One hell of a short film." "Clearly detectable... Lunch Ladies will not disappoint you."

The Lunch Ladies, upon receiving the unprecedented news that they received three amazing shout outs without one single act of lying, cheating or manipulation, called in sick to work, didn't shower and plopped down on their ratty sofa to enjoy nonstop Depper:

Said Seretta, in a hot pink polyester kimono and raccoon tail slippers: "Getting those reviews fair and square was as much a shock to us as anyone so you see why we had to celebrate with our Depper VHS collection, call in sick and play hooky from work."

LouAnne, in holey boxer shorts and moldy flip flops, smirked: "It was so easy We told Principal Grossfetig that Grampa Lucifer kicked the bucket and he told us to take the next few days off. He knows how close we are with Lucifer."

BOTH: "Thanks guys for the great reviews - sitting on our couch all week watching The Depper has been awesome! "

*Taylor Terrible of Nightmarish Conjurings interviewed writer/producer Clarissa Jacobson, Sofia Mogno of confirmed that Lunch Ladies is not your typical horror movie and Yeti of Tennessee Horror News wisely advised not to do acid while watching the film.

Nightmarish Conjurings

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Taylor Terrible has been in love with all things dark and spooky since the age of 5, when she fell in love with Edward Scissorhands. She writes for Nightmarish Conjurings, blogs at Taylor's Terrible Toy Chest and has her own podcast called Tom & Tay's House Of Horror which can be followed here:

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Tennessee Horror

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