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Lunch Ladies Head To Paris For L'Étrange Festival After Cutting An Incredible Deal With Them

L'Étrange Festival

The Lunch Ladies have made it to Paris for the L'Étrange Festival after cutting an incredible deal with programmers: "Screen us or end up in pâté."

Initially, L'Étrange had rejected the Lunch Ladies for their poor fashion sense, bad French accents and loud American voices. However, they quickly changed course when the Lunch Ladies brought their amazing negotiating skills to the table:

Said Seretta, whittling a femur bone into a gavel: "We've always been interested in the justice system whether it's the long arm of the law, or the long arm of the Lunch Lady. Justice is justice. Therefore, when those Frenchies told us "no," it was only natural for us to craft an offer they couldn't refuse."

LouAnne, printing out forged Hop-On Hop-Off tour bus tickets for all the sightseeing she plans to do in Paris (Catacombs first stop) added: "It was actually a very fair deal we made, we could've led with mousse instead of pâté. Thanks L'Étrange Festival for the selection; it doesn't get any stranger than the Lunch Ladies!"

The L’Étrange Festival has showcased the most exciting examples of contemporary genre cinema from every corner of the globe, ranging from outlandish genre films, provocative documentaries, unsettling dramas, black comedies, anything that might be coined as "off-beat and unconventional." In its 24th year, the fest will be held at the Forum des Images.

Lunch Ladies screens on Sunday, September 9 at 7:30 pm!

L'Étrange Festival

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